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    från The Climate Scam Övrig i förrgår, 07:30

    ... e Brits import timber from Canada To spruce up their CO2 Goal. The Green Lobby looks to the UN To levy us all off the map. Survivors will catch the Royal Virus, Prince Philip – jolly old chap! Meanwhile, in the real world, the Future Has ...

  • Freddie Mercury House Kensington

    från Jämställdhetssamordnaren Mp 2014-09-28, 21:24

    ... would still be riding a wave of unequalled success? The band's new Elektra album, The Game, is a maddeningly desirable Goal. One opportunity offered by this 'wild-looking, artistic musician'. 'He was like no one I had a slightly differe ...

  • Watch Cricket Highlights

    från Nima from Iran S 2014-09-26, 23:01

    ... sers manage to instill confidence and self esteem in cricketer. The cricketer develops determination to achieve desired Goal set by him. Cricket records are meaningful in it, as a source of information for cricket has been very powerful. ...

  • Bitcoin, Open Source Movement For Decentralized Future

    från Rick Falkvinge Pp 2014-09-25, 19:07

    ... t is a “scaffolding set up by a few individuals that enables tens of thousands of people to cooperate on a common Goal in their life.” Falkvinge describes a Swarm is driven by voluntarism. People join the cause because they b ...

  • Om valresultat i Pirate Times

    från Anton Nordenfur Pp 2014-09-17, 08:00

    ... ection are public now with the rest still being counted. The Swedish Pirate Party did not manage to achieve their Goal of more than 1% in the national election and to enter local parliaments throughout the country. The Pirate Party was n ...

  • Freddie Mercury And Jane Seymour

    från Jämställdhetssamordnaren Mp 2014-09-13, 20:42

    ... reddie was given a proper Parsee sendoff after he moved to the freddie mercury and jane seymour a maddeningly desirable Goal. One opportunity offered by this occupation has proved irresistible. Beings like Freddie in a wig. Her children ...

  • Indian Wedding Card Design

    från Carina och Stefans SD Blogg Sd 2014-09-13, 18:57

    ... rom within oneself offers some of the indian wedding card design a sense of ongoing trends & style with an ultimate Goal of creating a unique look is by writing the indian wedding card design to your wedding entourage. It is importan ...

  • Robotsvärmar snart verklighet, men vad händer när robotar börjar samarbeta?

    från Det Progressiva USA Pp 2014-08-15, 17:07

    ... y built a swarm of this size before, where everyone works together to achieve a Goal,” said robotics researcher Michael Rubenstein, who led the project. While still experimental, such armadas of self-organizing robots one day may a ...

  • Ban Ki-moon hyllar Nicaraguas förnybartmål

    från Supermiljöbloggen Övrig 2014-08-05, 10:35

    ... “An extremely excellent Goal.” Så sa FN:s generalsekreterare när han var på besök i landet. När Ban-Ki-moon besökte Nicaragua i förra veckan passade han på att åka till en av landets vindkraftsparker. Det fattiga centralamerikanska lande ...

  • I’m now on my way to UC Berkeley, San Francisco. During...

    från Langkilde M 2014-08-03, 10:54

    ... ine learning. This means that I will work with a cluster computing framework called Spark implemented in Scala. My Goal is to learn Machine learning methods for the NLP domain Distributed cluster computing Scala ...

  • Elektroniska patientjournaler ännu inte en framgång i USA

    från Det Progressiva USA Pp 2014-07-29, 04:01

    ... odern health care system can cling to paper records. But the policy Goal of the federal incentive program was to use digital technology to curb costs and improve care. The legislation was called the Health Information Technology for Econ ...

  • Should science always be open? – Report from an ESOF seminar

    från Vetenskap och Allmänhet blogg Övrig 2014-07-25, 23:30

    ... stems) but the web makes it possible to have conversations with those people. Efficiency is the ultimate Goal,” he said, and shared a few examples of successful open innovation projects. “Open innovation is not about buying and selling i ...

  • Glöm VM i fotboll, Robocup, nu lär sig robotar spela fotboll.

    från Det Progressiva USA Pp 2014-07-22, 01:36

    ... l the champions of the older competition. Judged by the plodding clumsiness of some of the RoboCup players, that Goal might seem far-fetched. But it is easy to underestimate how quickly robotics is improving. Self-driving cars and delive ...

  • Gentrifieringen i IT-staden San Francisco: WeWork, ännu ett av stans oräkneliga kontorshotell

    från Det Progressiva USA Pp 2014-07-18, 02:50

    ... But when he got to the event at the hipster co-working office space — where his Goal was to mix and mingle with a group of local entrepreneurs, such as Dropbox’s Drew Houston and Eventbrite’s Julia Hartz — Bloomberg started in with a cha ...

  • Israel har startat markoffensiv mot terrororganisationen Hamas

    från Stoppa Bojkott Mot Israel Övrig 2014-07-18, 01:46

    ... s. Operation Protective Edge will continue until it reaches its Goal – restoring quiet to Israel’s citizens for a prolonged period, while inflicting a significant blow to the infrastructures of Hamas and the other terrorist organiz ...

  • Sakernas Internet, hajpen, realiteten och nu standardskriget

    från Det Progressiva USA Pp 2014-07-11, 04:06

    ... ce and calorie-burning. It also measures heart rate, which Mr. Gaudio said was critical to its Goal of providing training programs for people as they shoot for their fitness goals. “The real core idea behind it was to put a personal fitn ...

  • Apple fortsätter satsa på solenergi

    från Supermiljöbloggen Övrig 2014-07-10, 13:27

    ... beslutat sig för att satsa stort på förnybar energi. Då lät det så här i ett uttalande från företaget: Our Goal is to power all Apple corporate offices, retail stores, and data centers entirely with energy from renewable sources — solar ...

  • Vad betyder Europa för Lula?

    från Dagens Arena Vänster 2014-07-06, 01:30

    ... perspective of time. The social rights and the standard of living that Europeans enjoy are still a distant Goal for the populations in the majority of countries in the world. The social welfare state is a great achievement, the result of ...

  • ”Israel lovar att hämnas”

    från Sapere Aude Höger 2014-07-02, 17:37

    ... ry to hide. We will reach them all even if it takes time. This is our first Goal and it will be carried out. Second, we must vigorously strike at Hamas members and infrastructures in Judea and Samaria. We have already arrested hundreds ...

  • Flattr: Decentralized Payments Paving A Roadless Web

    från Rick Falkvinge Pp 2014-06-18, 18:00

    ... is a little known fact that, after the trial of The Pirate Bay, Peter Sunde co-created a web service called Flattr. The Goal of Flattr? Making it easy to support the content you like on the web. The way it works is quite simple: create a ...

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