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  • Robert Parrys källa – USA:s satellitbilder visar att det var Kiev som missilstyrde

    från Nemokrati V igår, 04:00

    ...  Troja, Vapenexporthyllande SD klagar över krigsflyktingar, Liveshow i Almedalen – NATO-Allianzens jättevåldtäkt på Sverige, Vill ni Sibirienfrysa och stödja Orchregimer?, Bildts ‘kompetenta sjöofficerare’ och ‘trevliga killar’, Släpphänta Säpo – ...

  • Prison rape, trans and femininities, many swedish feminists need to learn that harm reduction is better than criminalization (Read Angela Davis and learn why carceral feminism is BAD), lil'kim and bell hooks, and values are as important identity

    från Alexander Chamberland Fi 2014-07-20, 14:45

    ... has nothing to do with what beliefs one holds about drug use, it has to do with being in touch with reality and class Issues, so Feminist Initiative (F!) PLEASE READ YOUR ANGELA DAVIS AND LEARN AND STOP THIS CARCERAL FEMINISM, THAT ALSO I ...

  • LIVE: Detention Lift Hearings For Assange, Stockholm District Court

    från Rick Falkvinge Pp 2014-07-16, 12:55

    ... ention must be lifted. Is it reasonable to keep Assange detained given these circumstances? Prosecution brings up three Issues, and in combination, Defense means they lead to unreasonable consequences. The first is the time passed. In Assa ...

  • Varför WeChat brädar Twitter-liknande Sina Weibo

    från Det Progressiva USA Pp 2014-07-07, 03:37

    ... More important, activists say, WeChat allows them to dig deeper into Issues with like-minded people. The veteran environmentalist Li Bo has used WeChat for more than two years to rally opposition to damaging infrastructure projects, such ...

  • India Pakistan Live Cricket

    från Nima from Iran S 2014-07-02, 21:40

    ... see that pressures on international ground. We lost some almost winning matches due to popularity of cricket fans. All Issues related to their favorite game of excitement and thrills. Cricket lovers can give rise many other forums as well ...

  • Fem skäl till varför Naturresursdelning är bra för människa, miljö och ekonomi

    från Enhet Övrig 2014-07-01, 10:17

    ... latest/embed/index.html?source=0AgkmdARiJ_Q_dG5lWVVMMnBJZFFCUjdHVXBOb1piWEE&font=Bevan-PotanoSans&maptype=TERRAIN&lang=en&height=650   Läs om: Landskatt i stad: http://mobile.sightline.org/2014/06/10/to-revitalize-downtowns-t ...

  • England Cricket Matches 2006

    från Nima from Iran S 2014-06-28, 19:32

    ... f cricket forum is the england cricket matches 2006 a huge database of podcast of a fan. Cricket blogs contain numerous Issues of cricketing world. Its takes fan to share his displeasure and admiration of cricketer or an all-rounder in eve ...

  • Bangladesh Cricket Shirt

    från Nima from Iran S 2014-06-25, 20:46

    ... e bangladesh cricket shirt. Cricket fan put not only get to know about results of a fan. Cricket blogs contain numerous Issues of cricketing world. Its takes fan to the bangladesh cricket shirt a wonderful and rare collection of photograph ...

  • 2004 Cricket Online

    från Nima from Iran S 2014-06-22, 12:16

    ... cricket online, records motivate cricketer to give comments on blogs created by any one. Cricket blogs contain numerous Issues of cricketing world. Its takes fan to feel agony. That led government to increase Security and safety of Indian ...

  • Stefan Rother: Migrationsforum var inte bara bara vackra tal

    från Dagens Arena Vänster 2014-06-22, 01:30

    ... m, they created the informal, nonbinding and state-led Global Forum as a space for finding common ground on Issues relating to migration and development. The Swedish meeting certainly was a success in terms of atmosphere. Compared to some ...

  • Bernie Sanders – med ekonomin som vapen

    från Johannes Blogg V 2014-06-20, 22:02

    ... tion, a country split on gay rights, you have many of these social Issues, split on marijuana legalization. But what I believe very strongly is, working [people will] say: ‘I disagree with him on abortion rights, I disagree with him ...

  • Hampshire Cricket Leagues

    från Nima from Iran S 2014-06-19, 22:00

    ... out for ducks in the hampshire cricket leagues about varied elements related to match schedule, team description, spicy Issues or any other thing that they can have access of viewing cricket matches. There is much beyond just knowing crick ...

  • Weil I: on the rights and obligations of free expression

    från Nicklas Noterar Höger 2014-06-12, 09:57

    ... thinks free expression creates is also instructive in many ways of how we in our age are struggling with the very same Issues. Weil notes how important it is to be able to think freely and how liberty of thought is fundamental, and: That ...

  • Pinker om skrivandet

    från Humanistbloggen Övrig 2014-06-09, 15:37

    ... ts but products of the human mind which resonate with our aesthetic and emotional faculties? What are social Issues but ways in which humans try to coordinate their behavior and come to working arrangements that benefit everyone? There's n ...

  • Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła, Polen, Sverige och deras USA-bild

    från Det Progressiva USA Pp 2014-06-03, 03:42

    ... Smolar, president of the Stefan Batory Foundation, which promotes democracy and civic Issues. “I would rather speak about the temperature of feeling. It had been very high, but now the temperature is lower.” Polackerna inser nu, att USA h ...

  • Strukturrationaliseringen måste fortsätta

    från Jordbruk 2.0.1 Övrig 2014-06-01, 09:35

    ... ctly related to the increasing number of people going hungry every day." http://viacampesina.org/en/index.php/main-Issues-mainmenu-27/agrarian-reform-mainmenu-36/1615-hungry-for-land-small-farmers-feed-the-world-with-less-than-a-quart ...

  • Cricket Match Watch

    från Nima from Iran S 2014-05-29, 22:04

    ... cricket fever all around and fan love talking and discussing things related to match schedule, team description, spicy Issues or coach selection. Whatever the cricket match watch from his or her Cricket cellular phones in the cricket matc ...

  • Gästinlägg: Återkoppling av logistikreformen

    från Wisemans Wisdoms Övrig 2014-05-28, 08:44

    ... att påminna om när man nu i elfte timmen tillsätter ett nytt projekt (Omdaning Försvarslogistik Flyg, OFL FLYG, februari 2014) som ska vifta med trollspöt och till semestern ha förslag på ny organisation inom såväl FM som FMV som skall ta he ...

  • Global Secular Council

    från Humanistbloggen Övrig 2014-05-24, 08:00

    ... theistic community in the United States and globally. Located in Washington DC, we focus on the political Issues where our secular viewpoint and scientific reasoning shed light on laws where religion has had a heavy influence.Our team incl ...

  • Natwest Cricket Online

    från Nima from Iran S 2014-05-19, 21:12

    ... hoice for such people, but they always manage to find out something on which they can post their comments on cricketing Issues both normal and controversial are brought to you through podcasts. Yes you can easily quote the cricketer's cric ...

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